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Scuba Diving Training

scuba diving training houston metro area
Sunset in Cozumel

Using over 25 years of diving experience we can give you the training you will come to appreciate when you get on a boat with other divers. You will have all the basics you need plus the insight into what is going on and what to expect. With each training class you take, you'll be advancing another step forward in a sport that expands over time. As you grow your personal experiences on our guided dive trips, you'll find yourself wanting to learn more. We offer all the PADI courses up to Divemaster and numerous specialty courses as well.

Why continue your training? Most reputable dive operations won't take you on the best and most challenging dives unless you are qualified for it. Of course you can tell them whatever you want but in doing so you could be putting yourself in a situation that you can't recover from. And that again is the key to training. With proper training you can mitigate risk but more importantly when in the unlikely event you have a dive related problem, you'll be much better prepared to handle it.

One other aspect that divers should address is fitness. Our Functional Fitness classes will help you be more relaxed and comfortable in the water. You won't work as hard in a current or on a challenging dive. When you don't work as hard, your air consumption can be lower. When consumption decreases, bottom time increases so you can maximize your no decompression limits more safely.

Finally, we will be offering guided dive trips quarterly. Contact us for details about the next trip which is coming up soon.

scuba diving training houston metro area
Paradise - our dive boats on a secluded beach in Belize
scuba diving training houston metro area
Exploring a ship wreckage site in Cozumel
scuba diving training houston metro area
Discover the natural beauty of a coral reef in Cozumel